White Monkey is a 100% Italian company born from a simple idea: creating the best lures ever for big game fishing in the Mediterranean, becoming reference point also for other techniques such as coastal trolling.

Each White Monkey lure has been designed and manufactured in Italy by studying the habits of our large pelagic fish, devised to work correctly in all sea conditions and in a wide range of speeds, mixing shape and weight balance, in order to stimulate the aggression of pelagic predators.

With the help of high-precision machinery, each White Monkey head is made of pure aluminum and subjected to an oxidation treatment that guarantees bright and long-lasting colors over time. The result? Precision at the highest levels.


Designed and built for the Mediterranean sea


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Specialità Jet

One of the characteristics that has made the White Monkey konas some of the most requested lures in the Mediterranean is the precision with which our Jet heads are made: a few well-designed holes create an irresistible trail of bubbles for the predators of our seas. It is precisely on this technique that the Fat Monkey is based, one of the deadliest kona in the Mediterranean.


the best seller

Jet Monkey : a versatile jet kona, with astonishing technical characteristics and perfect balance, which gives it an irresistible swimming, especially for tuna such as albacore, bluefin tuna, yellowfin and skipjack tuna, but also for spearfish, sailfish and white marlin. Suitable for both flat sea and waves.


"Il miglior kona per la traina d'altura presente sul mercato"